VR Headsets and You (Looking Ridiculous)

Yesterday was a big day in the VR headset world. First, Sony took the sheets off it's long-rumored Morpheus headset for the PS4. According to Anton Mikhailov, senior engineer at SCEA R&D...

...Project Morpheus [is] highly adjustable, comfortable for prolonged use and supports custom headphones that can be plugged directly into the unit, he said — and that motion sickness is reduced, a common problem with VR. He said Sony is working toward a 1080p resolution display and 90 degree-plus field of view. Position and rotation head tracking has a 3 meter working volume and a full 360 degrees.

Not to be outdone, Oculus unveiled the second dev kit for the Oculus Rift, the headset to which all other headsets owe a great deal (including Sony's). Specs aren't available just yet, but if the 2012 debut is anything to go by, then V2 is probably going to be just as cool.

...so you're thinking, "Who cares...", and you might be justified in that, but one view of this video might have you thinking otherwise. Yeah...I got next.