When I started designing, I had simple career goals of doing something that I was passionate about and doing something that I would never grow tired of. I also knew my love of art and technology–things that have been with me my entire life–would ultimately make me a designer.

My ten-year plan has never been to make Creative Lead Anything. It's simply been to design pieces that influence, empower, and (hopefully) last. I strive to do everything with core values of quality, integrity, and hard work; characteristics that should influence everything you do in life and in business.

With that out of the way, I’m available for full-time and freelance work. If you’re so inclined, a resume is below. I’ve also made my way around the various social media sites of the world in which case if you’d like to be friends, follow the trail of bread crumbs via the links above.

TL;DR: Designer. Nerd. Former 3-time coloring contest champion. Loves video games, sandwiches, and casual attire.